Beth Mann
Beth Mann

Men’s Hair Trends for Fall 2019 – What’s Hot in Montreal

Let me tell you about Tim. He’s a good friend of mine. Handsome, bright and killer sense of humor. He’s been dating on and off for the last few years…but nothing is really sticking.

“Why can’t I get a second date? What is it about me?”

I confessed.

“Tim, maybe it’s your hair.”

“What? I’m not going bald or anything. I have a ton of hair.”

And sure enough, he’s right. He does have a ton of hair. But it’s everywhere! It hangs in his eyes and makes him look like a shaggy dog after a long winter.

“You do have a nice head of hair, Tim. But you need a style. Some definition, you know?”

“Well, I don’t know anything about hair styles…for men or women for that matter.”

So I did some research and this is what I shared with him:

Hot Hairstyles for Men – Fall 2019


Messy, tousled hair styles are trending sharply upwards. That doesn’t mean you forgo a good haircut (Tim) but instead use products like texturizing sprays and salt sprays to accentuate this free-form style.

In other words: yes, tousled/messy is in…but it needs to be purposeful and by design!

The Fade Haircut continues to hold its own sway, after years of popularity. This suave haircut showcases degrees of hair length, ultimately creating an appearance of a fade, like the image below.

Men’s Hair Trends for Fall 2019 – What’s Hot in Montreal

As for men’s hair color, Fall 2019 ushers in two seemingly opposing choices:

Bright, bold and unusual hair colors that stand out and make a statement (purples, reds, and greens, especially on younger men). For those looking to remove color, bleached blonde is back and bigger than ever. Go platinum or go home, men.

On the flip side, less men are coloring their hair and are opting for the use of toners instead, to enhance and embrace emerging grayness. Why fight Mother Nature, right?

Tim and I sauntered down to Salon Deauville where he got a killer cut at their super hip barbershop, Au Masculin. We also got him some cool new products for men at Deauville Shop. He looked so good, I was ready to date him! But alas, good male friends…they’re as hard to find as a good stylist!





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