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Latest Hair Color Trends for Women in 2023

We’re less than thirty days away from the end of this incredible 2022 and the latest hair color trends are the order of the day! If you want to start 2023 with a renewed, fresh and completely modern look, stay with us and find out which color trends you can’t miss in your personal grooming during the new year. 

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Luminous black


Luminous black hair


If you are used to wearing brown or blonde colors and want to make a radical change in your look, one of the latest trends in hair coloring indicates that luminous black colors will be the best option for the first seasons of 2023.  

Bright colors are the unmistakable evidence of well-nourished and healthy hair, which is also very flattering to all skin tones and facial features. 

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Intermediate reds


Second on this list are the intermediate reds or ginger shades. Although we love the intense and bright reds.

Copper hair colors have become an excellent option for those who are looking for a radical and bold change, since the immediate proximity of this shade is orange and not the reddish or burgundy tones as usual when we think about it. If you want to wear one of the latest trends in hair coloring and at the same time a 180° change of look, evaluate this possibility. 


Dreamy brown hair


Dreamy brown hair

On the other hand, the latest hair color trends also include beautiful browns. Natural tones are back on trend, so throughout 2023 we will see the rise of brown tones or balayage with caramel-colored highlights. 

Any of these options will work wonders for you! Plus, since all of these shades resemble the most common natural colors, they will bring a touch of playfulness and freshness that you can’t ignore. 

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Cool blondes


“Barbie” blondes or those in the cool blonde range are also part of the latest trends in hair coloring. 

The most important thing when you want to achieve a sub tone of this nature is the condition of your hair. Before opting for a cool blonde a hair professional should evaluate the integrity of the strand to establish if the quality of the hair would withstand a bleaching process of this magnitude. 

For this same reason you should also inform your stylist about the treatments you have had done on your hair in the last months/years and above all be patient. This is because such a shade requires several treatment sessions or many hours in the salon and the level and pace of bleaching will depend on your base shade. 


Natural-looking blondes


Continuing with the previous idea, it is essential that you make this decision from a realistic point of view, since not all people who want to perform a procedure of this magnitude have the conditions to carry it out. 

For this reason, an alternative to cool blondes is to get a natural looking blonde. These usually have a trend that leans more towards golden blondes or sun-kissed vibes. While summer is obviously a long way off, this look will also be in style for much of 2023.

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A touch of fantasy


To conclude, although they will not have the same popularity as the options we mentioned above, the latest hair coloring trends 2022 indicate that although not with the same strength as years ago, we will also see the prevalence of fantasy shades. 

The recommendations for choosing these shades remain the same as with blonde colors, in order to verify that the current conditions of your hair can achieve the results you desire. 

To achieve the color of your choice, you can opt for color baths instead of permanent dyes, as they will reduce color residues when you want to change the shade and will also serve as a repairing treatment. 

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Welcome 2023 with Salon Deauville!


Hair color trends in 2022 have been amazing and for 2023 we are expecting amazing looks to look glamorous and elegant at all times. So, we hope our hair color ideas will allow you to start the next season with the look of your dreams. 

However, in order to achieve this, be sure to get it done by the professionals at Salon Deauville. 

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