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Knesko Skin – Skin Care Infused with Gemstones and Spirit

Knesko Skin Masks Enrich the Skin and the Spirit


A happy, radiant spirit makes you look beautiful inside and outside. Think of a blushing bride or a woman who just gave birth. Both appear flush with positive, life-affirming energy. No make-up can touch it!

Lejla Cas, the founder of Knesko Skin (known for its celebrity-beloved gemstone-infused collagen masks), intimately knows the importance of the spirit and our skin.

As a Reiki Master, Cas believes in the special healing properties of minerals and gemstones, which can activate your chakras and promote balance and unity throughout the body and spirit.

According to Vogue:

“I dreamed of creating a company based on the principles of my greatest loves: energy work, skincare, and crystals. I started to see that my career path could take on an even deeper meaning and purpose if I could share those benefits with others, and inspire them to new heights.”

If that sounds a little too New Agey for you, be assured: Knesko employs science as well. Their proprietary GEMCLINICAL® technology ensures that:

“Every one of our gemstone-infused collagen masks is made with our proprietary GEMCLINICAL® technology, a unique blend of precious minerals and gemstones with doctor-formulated, all-natural and clean skincare ingredients.”

Knesko chose each gemstone (such as gold, diamonds, rose quartz and black pearl) for its amazing healing properties. Just like diamonds sparkle, for example, their diamond-infused masks will brighten your skin.

If that doesn’t have you convinced, just ask celebrities what they think of Knesko skin products. Stars like Madonna, Caitlin Jenner, Jessica Alba and Sara Paulson all extol its virtues (mainly via Instagram). Just as much as they love the ingredients of these luxurious masks, they look beautiful wearing Knesko masks–like something out of sci-fi spa! 

Their various facial masks include: collagen face masks, collagen lip masks and collagen eye masks. Collections include diamond radiance, nano gold repair, rose quartz antioxidant and black pearl detox.

Ready to give your face a dose of spiritual love? Montreal’s Salon Deauville proudly carries Knesko products for your convenience…and your spirit.





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