In search of the best facial treatment?

You know the best facial on the market must be out there, but you don’t know where you could get it, right? At Salon Deauville we don’t claim to have the best facial, but that’s how our hundreds of satisfied customers describe it.

This is due to the use of products capable of bringing extraordinary benefits to your skin, and the expert hand of the most prominent professionals in aesthetics. At Salon Deauville you can choose between different treatments.

Some of our services are the classic facial, signature anti-aging, redness, nature’s softness care, lifting, eye and lip care, express facial, flash Beauty and, of course, microdermabrasion.

Do you want to know how these treatments are performed? In this article we will show you the development of some of the most requested services by our clients.


A complete cleansing for the best facial treatment

In the field of aesthetics, facial cleansing is one of the most requested treatments. Sometimes, it is also used to prepare the user’s skin for more complex medical practices.

But, in general, its purpose is to remove impurities, acne, blackheads and dead cells from the surface of the skin.

To achieve this we use a steamer and, by harnessing the effects of moisture, can cause pore dilation and better oxygenation of the tissues.

Now, you may be thinking that this is something they do in all aesthetics. Where is the magic that we promised at the beginning?

Well, the key here is to clarify that skin care is not a haircut. You don’t go to the salon once and skip it until the next appointment. Skin protection requires constant and long-lasting care.

To maximize the effects of treatments, our estheticians at Salon Deauville recommend daily use of special creams for each skin type.

In addition, it is important to constantly moisturize the skin and use specific products to protect it from UVA and UVB sun rays. In Deauville Shop you can find all the products that our experts recommend.


Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Rejuvenation

The anti-aging treatment is a personalized service that acts on the skin as a deep regenerator and also uses a smoothing and illuminating element of the skin; mandelic acid.

This acid induces a progressive exfoliation and regeneration of the epidermis, making it more beautiful and luminous.

The main objective of the treatment is to reduce wrinkles, acne marks and lighten skin blemishes. Its particular formula allows the treatment to be performed without seasonal limitations – ideal in our climate.


The best facial treatment with microdermabrasion

The best facial treatment with microdermabrasion

This treatment consists of an intense exfoliation process capable of regenerating the skin and stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.

The vacuum action stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen and improves skin elasticity and muscle tone.

It is also helpful in improving acne-prone skin and helps treat the signs of aging.

The best thing about this treatment is that it increases the penetration ability of the products used after the service.

If you want to know a little more about this treatment we invite you to read our article on hydrofacials.


The best facial treatment: collagen

The best facial treatment: collagen

We leave the best for last: hyaluronic acid, star ingredient of creams, serums, body and hair treatments.

This molecule is produced by our body naturally, in order to maintain hydration and protect tissues.

Its application favors the physiological production of collagen and, at a superficial level, it is able to form a greater absorption of water.

However, over time, the availability of hyaluronic acid present in our skin decreases, also due to the effects of exposure to UV rays and pollution.

From the age of 25, the epidermis appears drier and dehydrated, and the first wrinkles appear around the eyes and lips.

It is at this point that collagen treatment will help you stay young and enjoy a lush skin.

The specialists at Salon Deauville recommend a facial treatment at every change of season, to ensure that your face always benefits from deep cleansing and is well nourished.

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If your skin is prone to acne, blemishes or other minor alterations, you may need a specific facial treatment to clear up imperfections, such as our Pureacne Oxygen treatment, or a rejuvenation service.

The time to subscribe to your perfect look is now. Don’t hesitate. Our estheticians are waiting for you. Contact us to book your appointment.



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