How to choose a bridal hairstyle step by step

How to choose a bridal hairstyle step by step

The most special day in a woman’s lifetime is reflected in her hairstyle, and it’s up to you whether you want it to be a memorable or easily forgotten memory.

Wedding days are one of those days where uncertainty overwhelms everyone’s mind: party planners work to make the ceremony flawless, the family accompanies the bride and groom and welcomes the guests; and the bride-to-be works to calm her nerves and control her excitement.

However, there is one thing we can’t avoid: the bridal hairstyle, an essential element in the bride’s attire, and a vital phase in the preparation of the ceremony.

In the following paragraphs, we invite you to read our step-by-step guide on how to choose a bridal hairstyle for your special day. One thing we surely know is that professional help will always work as a remedy to heal anxieties, emotional crises of stress, and last minute indecisive moments.

5 steps to choose a beautiful bridal hairstyle

Sometimes, fear overwhelms the psyche of our brides, and they are really affected by not knowing what hairstyle will look best on them. Well, it’s time to turn fear into passion, uncertainty into hope, and stress into happiness.

Without further ado, our step-by-step guide on how to choose a bridal hairstyle for you:

1. Don’t dismiss wedding elements.

For a bride, this tip may mean a rather ambiguous and somewhat confusing thought, but in reality, it relates to the staging of the ceremony in every aspect. Have you ever been told that the dress should match the hairstyle? In that same order of ideas, we now tell you that the wedding style should also match your hairstyle.

How can your hairstyle match with your wedding style? It is very simple. You should take into account the following aspects:

The decoration of the venue

A wedding decoration is a vital element for the bride and groom’s family and guests. The hired party planners should know the ideas of the bride and groom, the family, and then add some of their professional magic style pleasantly.

Your bridal hairstyle should feel in touch with the décor of the venue set. Likewise, the hairstyle needs to match the style of the decor, so that it doesn’t look strange or out of place.

The wedding venue

Planning the wedding venue in advance will help you choose a bridal hairstyle, as you will know the essential aspects of the occasion. For example, if you plan your wedding at the beach, you can consider special beach hairstyles, such as loose, curly hair under a flower crown, or hair pulled back in a not-so-tidy bun.

The style or theme for the wedding

This is a very similar tip to the previous one, but emphasizing the theme you have decided to celebrate. If you decide to celebrate your wedding on Christmas Eve where snow is an ideal natural element, you can theme the celebration with snow, as well as the hairstyle.

For these icy themes, thick and long braided hairstyles are really beautiful, as they accentuate the mystique and beauty of the moment.

Your dreams are important too

Are you a woman who has dreamed of your wedding day since you were a little girl? We too have, and dreams were made to come true.

If your dreams reflect a simple wedding, plan a simple wedding. If you dreamed of an extravagant and elegant wedding, plan an extravagant wedding.

Dreams are your inspiration. Don’t forget to take that inspiration and convey it in your hairstyle.

2. The dress is crucial to your bridal hairstyle…but not so much.

The dress is crucial to your bridal hairstyle...but not so much.


Getting the perfect dress is a difficult but not impossible duty. The neckline’s cut, the length of the train of the dress, the color, the fabric, and many more aspects are some things you should look for in a wedding dress. Even so, the dress is not the main element to highlight a bridal hairstyle.

Don’t worry; we won’t ignore the dress completely. The tailoring of the dress is essential only if it’s combined with the right tiaras (or crowns) and veils.

The tiara or crown

These tiny elements in the making of the bride’s outfit have a much bigger decorative load, since the dress is not the only protagonist of this story.

Tiaras, crowns, or even hats are vital decorative pieces of a bridal hairstyle, for the hair style to look good not only with the hairstyle, but with the dress as well.

Bridal veils

More than a tiara or crown, veils are a must for the hairstyle, fabric and tailoring cut of the dress. However, outdoor weddings allow the bride to do so without a veil. However, it’s an element that adds decoration to the hairstyle.

3. Professional experience will help you. Get advice.

Professional experience will help you. Get advice.

The voice of experience does not bother, and we always want to know professional opinions to make a better decision. A professional stylist will be able to give you a better perspective on your bridal ideas.

Stylists know some important aspects about bridal hairstyles, such as:

Face shapes

Not all brides have the same face style, and these facts can positively or negatively detract from the hair arrangement. The stylist knows about faces, and can help you choose a better bridal hairstyle.

Types of hairstyles according to your own style

In addition to advising you with your face shape, a stylist has the tools and knowledge of a variety bridal hairstyles types. The stylist can give you wonderful advice so you can learn which hairstyles can work best for outdoor weddings, or traditional weddings.

4. YES to comfort and NO to extravagance

One of our best tips for brides-to-be and the most enthusiastic brides is that comfort should be the driving force that helps them make a wise decision. Hasty decisions for an extravagant idea usually do not show such prosperous results.

For brides, we advise you to wear comfortable bridal hairstyles that are not so heavy and do not impair your balance.

Extravagance only looks good in photos, but the experience is not the best of all.

5. Be true to your unique style

Be true to your unique style

Brides who visit our salon come in with a style of their own, and we take care to revitalize their style, without modifying or extremely changing it.

Being true to your style is an important decision for your wedding day. The illusion of portraying an image or silhouette that does not fit your personality is unfavorable for brides.

Looking comfortable and feeling good about yourself is the best decision you can make, and if you keep your unique sparkle, no one can overshadow you.

If your wedding day is coming soon, and you don’t know how to choose a bridal hairstyle, our in-salon or in-home hairstyling services can help ease your doubts.


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