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How much makeup is too much?

How much makeup is too much?

When discussing how much makeup is too much, “too much” is an entirely personal concept. Each person has their own look and it is up to you how creative you want to get with your look! Here are a few simple and easy looks to follow for some inspiration to your daily routine!

Prep your face!

This step is not only the most important step, but the easiest! Make sure to wash your face before you start to apply your makeup. It is essential to wash off any previous makeup that may have lingered but also helps to keep your skin clear. Use a cleanser or simply splash warm water on your face. When done, be sure to pat your face dry because rubbing it agitates the skin.

Next, you must moisturize your face to get that soft glowy skin. Glo Skin Beauty’s Phyto-Active face cream will not only quench your face’s thirst, but it is also an anti-aging cream that reduces fine lines.

Your final prepping step would be to apply a face primer. Glo Skin Beauty’s face primer works for all skin types. Its goal is to even out pores, help fill in fine lines and leave a smoother surface to then apply foundation.



Apply your foundation

For some, just applying their primer or only concealer is enough to leave their skin looking smooth and even. However, for some foundation is key when needing to cover up redness, uneven skin tones, etc.

Glo Skin Beauty’s Satin Cream Foundation allows you to have low to high coverage. It slowly builds up depending on the look you desire. It leaves a smooth satin finish leaving your skin looking flawless. You can apply this foundation with their Flat-Top Kabuki Brush, which allows full coverage.


Add some depth

Next lets add some depth to our face. There are many different ways to achieve this whether it is to contour, add bronzer and add blush.

Adding blush will give that little pop of color to your cheeks leaving a healthy natural look.

Whether you use a contouring palette or simply use bronzer, you can achieve the same look of giving depth to your cheekbones. It is always your choice if you want to build up to a more intense contour or a more natural and light one.

Brighten those eyes

For the final step to our simple and easy every day look, we must add either eye shadow or eyeliner to our look.

For a more natural look, using a nude shadow palette gives that extra little pop to our eyes, much like contouring. Using a darker shadow in the crease on your eye lid and slowly building into lighter tones as you reach your lash line. Simply add a touch of mascara after your done and you have a beautiful natural look! If you are feeling more creative and want to have a bolder look, add a thin winged liner using liquid eyeliner to your lash line to make you stand out.


By the time you have completed these steps, you will have a similar look to the image above. Simple, elegant and easy steps to follow every day! Whether you want a more intense or natural look is up to you, all you have to do is add more or less to each of these steps!


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