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Beth Mann
Beth Mann

Hey Beautiful…What Type of Facial is Right for You?

Do we really need facials? Is it more of a spa-like feel-good experience or does it truly help our skin?

Facials have a ton of benefits including:


Facials prevent skin problems. From acne break-outs to signs of aging, facials are a method to keep other skin problems at bay. It’s no different than going to a gym to prevent weak muscles or going to a doctor to prevent further illnesses. Routine facials make a difference over the long haul.

Anti-aging. Okay…we were going to lead with this one since its so important to many women (and men). Consistent anti-aging facials encourage healthier skin that stays naturally more resistant to the toxic effects of aging.

Keep acne at bay. Regular facials keep pores clean, critical for those with oily skin since clogged, dirty pores often fuel acne breakouts.

Dry skin. It’s hard to fully nourish and hydrate on a daily basis. Facials are a pumped-up version of what you do at home, encouraging deeper penetration and cellular repair for smooth, dewy soft skin.

The Type of Facials We Provide at Our Montreal Salon:


If you have problem-prone skin, you might need a specialty facial to clear up acne, such as our Pureacne Oxygen treatment of rejuvenate it with our Collagen Facial or Sea C Spa Facial.

  • The Classic Facial – 105$+tx
    Perfect for dry, oily or normal skin, the Classic Facial provides the deep-cleaning and nourishment your skin needs.
  • Aloe Mask Facial – 115$+tx
    Our deeply hydrating Aloe Mask Facial stimulates collagen production, reduces inflammation, fights bacteria and tightens the skin. Good for those with acne or other inflamed skin issues.
  • Hydrolifting Facials – 125$+tx
    Hydrolifting facials are one of the trendiest therapies for more hydrated and youthful-looking skin. It’s purpose: to erase dull or sagging skin through the infusion of hydrolifting hyaluronic acid microdroplets into your face. The result? Replenished, firm, plumped-out skin with more lift.
  • Sea C Spa Facial – 130$+tx
    This powerful age-defying treatment is the smart choice if you’re looking to reverse the visible signs of aging and energize the skin. Helps elasticity and reduces the overall appearance of aging. Revitalizing anti-aging treatment that helps enhance skin elasticity.
  • The Collagen Mask – 150$+tx
    Boost your skin’s collagen and drastically reduce fine lines and wrinkles and provide smoother skin texture overall.
  • Puracne Oxygen – 115$+tx
    This revolutionary oxygen treatment consists of salicylic acid treatment to control acne flare-ups.
  • Teen Facial – 80$+tx
    Teen skin has its own needs but often tends toward oiliness. Our aestheticians help determine your teens’ skin’s needs and ensure an empowering experience. Start skincare early!
  • Back Facial – 80$+tx
    Our poor back skin is often deeply neglected. But it too can suffer from oily skin and clogged pores. This back facial ensures the treatment your back deserves…and feels amazing!

    Our team of highly experienced, knowledgeable and skilled aestheticians are all expertly trained in the most advanced skincare techniques and procedures.

    What’s more, at Salon Deauville all our facials are executed with the best, award-winning global skincare brands, such as GM Collin and Yonka.

    Contact us for your facial today! 


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