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Hair Products for Men – A Simplified Guide

I don’t know about you but when I think of men and hair products…well, I don’t think much! I figure they walk out of the shower, shake their head and hit the streets. Meanwhile I quietly envy their ability to live such a carefree lifestyle.

But one of the lovely women at Salon Deauville corrected me. She explained that there are all sorts of men’s hair products (and just like women), each one has a specific use.

A Quick Guide To Men’s Hair Products




If you’re looking for a slick, high-shine look, then a pomade is good fit for you. It provides moderate hold and doesn’t make your hair feel crunchy (which gels can often do). You can also restyle your hair during the day easily.

Hair Wax


Hair waxes for men are like a pomade but tend to have a firmer hold. Wax can be used on a wide array of men’s hair styles. It’s an especially good product for styles that need a comb (like a side part).

Like pomade, wax is fairly pliable, allowing hairstyles to be redone throughout the day. Wax is also better suited for straight, short to mid-length hair (since it can clump in longer, wavy locks).

Hair Gel


Hair gel can get a bad rap for creating too much of a rigid-looking “helmet head.” But gels have come a long way. The biggest benefit of hair gel: hold. If you want one look maintained throughout the day, gel does the job. Gel also gives the hair a sleek, wet look.

Hair gels also allows the wearer to be expressive! If you’re trying to capture a specific  male-do, a firm-holding gel can hold your artistry in place.

(Today’s gel is also now made with gentler ingredients then previously–a good thing for healthy hair.)



Clay is a relative newcomer to men’s hair products. As you may have guessed, clay offers a firmer hold than pomade. Since it actually contains clay, expect it to add thickness and body to hair, making it appear fuller. Clay also creates a dry, finished look.

Added benefit: hair clay is awesome as a frizzy hair tamer and draws impurities out of the hair!



Creams provide low hold but feel natural and provide a nice shine. This product is ideal for a wide variety of men’s hair types, including those with fine or thinning hair. It can be used as a pre-styling hair product since its so flexible and provides a dose of fullness.

At Salon Deauville in Montreal, we’re proud to offer the full line of UK-based Lock, Stock & Barrel. This includes their amazing wet styling products as well as their matte clay, grooming cream and original wax.



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