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Difference between Nanoplastie and Hair botox treatment

Both nanoplastie and hair botox are treatments that have become popular in recent years. Their effectiveness has made them a reliable solution to common hair problems such as lack of shine and hydration.

But what differentiates one from the other, and which is more or less effective? Let’s answer these and many more questions in this article we have prepared for you.


The New World of Hair Straightening

“I recently bought my first ceramic flat iron and I really loved the way my hair looked. But there’s one big drawback: if you don’t know the exact setting to use, you can do some serious damage, especially to fine hair like mine. So I found myself using it less or using it incorrectly. What’s a girl to do?”.

Does the above sound familiar? We’ve all found ourselves in a situation like this. While it is true that the hair straightener is one of the most commonly used heat tools for straightening hair, improper use can become a detrimental practice for hair strands, rather than beneficial.

To do this, in addition to knowing the indispensable tips for using a hair straightener, we can also resort to various specialized techniques, capable of prolonging the effects of straightening for much longer. This is where treatments such as hair botox and nanoplasty come into play.


Hair Botox and Nanoplastia

These two modern hair treatments have proven to be highly effective in improving appearance and helping to maintain good hair structure. However, each has specific characteristics.


Hair Botox

Botox hair treatment is indicated for those cases in which the hair looks dry and damaged. Its effectiveness lies in its ability to restructure damaged hair and restore apparently lost life, thanks to the combinations of amino acids and natural enzymes used in its formula.

In fact, botox for summer is one of the most requested procedures. It is well known that heat and sun exposure can damage the hair fiber, so applying this treatment near the end of this season can be very beneficial.

In our article What is botox hair treatment? Advantages you should know you will find everything you need to know about this procedure that can be performed in our salon. Request our hair botox service by clicking here.


What is hair nanoplastia?

It sounds like some sort of cosmetic surgery, doesn’t it? Don’t let the name fool you. This is a new hair treatment, which affects the hair structure from the inside and lasts as long as six months.

The best part? There is no formaldehyde in a nanoplastia hair treatment.

Yay! No burning chemical smell or other unpleasant reactions. This procedure is super safe. Welcome to the new world of hair straightening!

Nanoplasty (or nanoplastia) is an innovative hair restoration process and a highly effective method of straightening that provides a super healthy, glossy appearance.

Unlike other hair straightening hair products, the base of nanoplastia is amino acids and collagen. These rich ingredients penetrate the cortical layer of the hair under temperature, so it actually improves the health of the hair.


What are the benefits of nanoplastia hair treatment?

Nanoplastia treatment will provide:

  • Flexibility
  • Shininess
  • Strenght
  • Straightening
  • Frizz control
  • Hydration

Hair Nanoplastia to the Rescue!

We all dream of having healthy looking, shiny hair but there’s often quite a cost to making it happen. This includes damaging the hair and the use of dangerous chemicals. Hair nanoplasty is a highly effective process that will make your hair super silky and shiny…safely.


Which of these treatments is more effective?

Establishing a comparison between hair botox and nanoplasty hair treatment can help us to choose the procedure that best suits us. Both are focused on obtaining more or less similar results, but each one acts according to its formulation and modes of use.

Hair botox is not necessarily a hair straightening procedure, but rather a product that is applied to restore the hair fiber.

Something similar to the above, happens with the nanoplasty hair treatment. It offers a highly effective treatment to restore not only the outer layer of the hair, but also its internal structure.

With this in mind, we should know that we will obtain results very similar to those of keratin, but with many more benefits, mainly focused on hydration and nutrition of the hair. The best thing is that with both hair botox and nanoplasty, we can obtain up to 100% straightening.


Nanoplastia and hair botox in Montreal

The above information can help you determine what benefits you will gain from each hair treatment. However, for specific details, such as the cost of nanoplastia hair treatment, it is best to contact your trusted stylist.

So goodbye, new flat iron! Change the annoying damaged hair for: “I’m going to Salon Deauville in Montreal and getting a nanoplastia treatment. I’d much prefer my hair looking great because its actually healthier!”.

If you are interested in nanoplasty or botox for hair, please contact our Montreal salon for more details. We’re happy to provide a free consultation as well.


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