Beth Mann
Beth Mann

Best Keratin Treatment in Montreal

Psst…You Can Be Frizz Free This Summer! 


We’ve previously discussed about the amazing benefits of Hair Botox. Smooth, silky hair (yes, even during these hot, humid summer months) that stays smooth and silky for a long time.

The Hair Botox treatment is done in our Montreal salon and takes about 2 hours. The product penetrates deep into the core and deposits cysteine protein, natural oils and fruit acids. These elements strengthen the hair from the inside out. Each strand is smoothed, hydrated and sealed making the hair shiny, manageable and very soft.

But what about a hair keratin treatment? Would that be a better fit for you? (We offer both!)

What are the differences between hair botox and hair keratin?


While both hair treatments produce a similar result (smooth, silky hair even during the summer) there are some definite differences.

Hair Botox doesn’t contain harsh chemicals like formaldehyde that are often found in traditional keratin treatments (though our keratin treatments contain NO formaldehyde–one of the few salons in Montreal able to make that statement). Another difference: Hair Botox is considered more of a deep conditioning treatment whereas keratin treatments is considered a hair straightener.

There’s no right or wrong hair treatment per se. If you have curly hair, a keratin treatment might be a better fit for you. If you’re hair is dry and over-processed, a rich, conditioning Hair Botox might be better suited for your locks. That’s why we provide consultations. 

Does Hair Botox or keratin treatments damage my hair?


When done correctly, both treatments can be done safely on most types of hair. But if you have weak or fine hair, keratin products can potentially damage your hair, whereas Hair Botox enriches hair strands and is more suitable for fine hair.

Is Hair Botox or a keratin treatment better in humid weather?


Even in Montreal, humidity can wreak havoc on a pretty head of hair. A keratin treatment is more “humidity proof” ultimately but Hair Botox also has smoothing properties for summer frizz.

The best way to find out which hair treatment is right for you? Stop in for a consultation. Our experts know the differences of each treatment and can advise accordingly.

Reminder: Keratin treatment is not recommended for nursing or pregnant women or children under the age of twelve. This treatment is also not intended for super fine, straight or thin hair.



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