Microblading in Montreal

Microblading in Montreal – Get it Right the First Time

You could go anywhere in Montreal for microblading, right? But trust me, you don’t want to. You need a pro. Just like getting a tattoo requires a professional (seriously, you don’t want to see a bad tattoo for the rest of your life), microblading requires the right person with the right skill.

Don’t get me wrong: microblading is not tattooing. Its not a permanent procedure but a semi-permanent procedure. But there are similarities.

Microblading uses a small tool with tiny needles (again: similar to tattooing). These teeny needles sketch delicate hair strokes and deposit pigment ever so slightly under your skin. A real pro makes sure the hair strokes are natural-looking, darker/thicker at the bottom and lightening up toward the end: just like real eyebrow hair.

How long does microblading last?

A professional microblading procedure lasts anywhere from 16 – 30 months. It generally requires touch-ups at our Montreal salon once or twice a year. Once the pigment completely fades, you’ll need to go back to our salon for a touch-up application.

The nice part? The fading from microblading is subtle and incremental: no noticeable fading, like dark roots at the base of your blonde hair (by the way, if you need a color touch-up, we use top-notch hair colors here). 

Microblading is semi-permanent make-up.

Something about the name “microblading” doesn’t quite sound like what it is: natural-looking semi-permanent make-up. We offer different types of semi-permanent make-up at our Montreal salon. See what kind works for you! Just imagine: not having to apply mascara daily – what freedom!

Is microblading worth it?

It does take some time but semi-permanent make-up like microblading lasts a long time (that’s a long time where you don’t have to apply make-up daily).

Microblading your eyebrows also has a very definite effect on the entire look of your face because your eyebrows are a facial “framing” of sorts. The better the frame, the better the overall appearance.

Where is your Montreal salon and when can I book a microblading appointment?

We have multiple methods to book appointments at our downtown Montreal salon.

Our Montreal salon is located on 4048 Rue Jean-Talon O near the Triangle (Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce borough) bordering and including the following areas:

Mont-royal Quebec Canada
Westmount Quebec Canada
Cote-saint-Luc, Quebec Canada
Ville-saint-laurent Quebec Canada
Outremont Quebec Canada

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