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Gel or resin manicure: 5 differences to know

We know that manicure is fundamental, because the beauty we transmit also resides in our hands. For example, long nails, with nice colored polish and well cared for, will allow you to stay elegant and stylish for any occasion.

That’s why we at Salon Deauville want to answer a question that has been presented to all of us, what are the 5 differences between gel manicure and resin manicure? As we know, both alternatives allow great results. However, the differences they have are substantial to choose the best one.

Based on the opinion of professional manicurists and leaders in skin care products, we will tell you the secrets behind these two alternatives. We will also try to answer the question based on our experience treating hands with the best products in Montreal.

Let nothing discourage you from always looking beautiful and stylish. So, stay with us and discover new alternatives to treat your hands. Pay attention, sit back in your seat and find out if you should choose a gel manicure or, on the contrary, a resin manicure.

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5 differences between gel and resin manicures

After consulting our specialists, we have compiled a list of 5 differences you should know about gel and resin manicures. Below, we tell you, in detail.

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1. The gel manicure leaves a more natural finish

1. The gel manicure leaves a more natural finish

One of the best alternatives to get a manicure is the use of gel, since the finish is more natural compared to a resin manicure. This is achieved thanks to the procedure that is used and that involves UV rays, so that the finish is much better.

In this way, the nails are given a touch of elegance. It also allows the use of multiple styles, according to your tastes and aesthetic needs. Therefore, going to the salon to have gel nails done is a great alternative.


2. The gel is odorless

Another important difference between gel manicure and resin manicure is that gel manicure is odorless. Because of this, many people opt for such an alternative, as the smell of monomer (i.e., acrylic liquid) is very strong and scandalous.

Interestingly, in recent years, many companies have developed low-odor monomers. Such an alternative, while retaining a slight acetone or nail polish remover scent, is less noticeable than conventional acrylic. Remember this the next time you visit us.


3. No risk of allergies

3. No risk of allergies

Both gel and acrylic do not cause allergies. However, it never hurts to see what materials your body reacts to, so that you don’t run any risk with monomer, acrylic powder or gel. It doesn’t matter whether you choose one or the other nail treatment, the important thing is that your hands look beautiful and healthy.


4. Gel nails last less than acrylic nails

If you ask our experts, they will tell you that gel nails last much less than acrylic nails. That is, thanks to the treatment and the process, acrylic nails last between 4 and 5 weeks.

On the contrary, the gel treatment lasts about 3 weeks. Therefore, you should consider very well which alternative benefits you the most, so that the beauty of your hands will always stay with you.


Tip of the day

Many people tend to fill in the spaces that are marked when natural nails grow out. If you want to prolong their duration, you can consult with a manicurist in our salon, so that he or she can tell you the right procedure.


5. Gel nails can hardly be repaired

5. Gel nails can hardly be repaired

Finally, it is worth mentioning that if a gel nail is broken, it is unlikely that it can be restored. Therefore, the only alternative is to remove the remains and rebuild it with the process recommended by professionals.

Acrylic nails, on the other hand, can be repaired without major problems. However, it is always necessary to have your manicure checked by an expert to find the solution that best suits you. Because the nails are important and the care should be under the eyes of manicurists of wide prestige.

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Where to get the best manicure?

Undoubtedly, both manicure techniques are amazing and have their advantages and disadvantages, according to your needs. For this reason, at Salon Deauville we almost always recommend the gel manicure, because of the finish; although the duration of acrylic nails is also something to consider.

As we have mentioned, everything will depend on what you are looking for in your manicure treatment. However, make sure you seek the help of professionals in hand care, so that the result is spectacular and in line with your routine.

That said, we also recommend that you mix and match styles and try new techniques from time to time. Now that you know more about the best manicure and have decided on one of the two, we invite you to contact us.

We are experts committed to your body’s health in the Montreal area. Our team of professionals seeks to be number 1. To that end, they are committed to highlighting the beauty of your hands. Contact us, it will be a pleasure to serve you.

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