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Beth Mann
Beth Mann

Flash Makeup – How to Look Amazing in Mere Minutes

A few nights ago, a friend called me. She had two tickets for a big play in town and her date had fallen through. Did I want to come? Heck yeah! Netflix and comfy pajamas move over; it’s time to mix with the masses and get my humanity on!

However, I was prompted to get ready…quickly.

“How quickly?”

“A half hour.”

“Challenge accepted!”

Outfit, check. I own several classic yet sexy black dresses wasting away in the back of my closet. After shuffling through, I ended up choosing a cute A-line black dress which is perfect for a night at the theater.

Shoes, check. I just purchased these super comfortable, low hung strappy shoes at a vintage store in downtown Montreal. They’re bright red and will pair nicely with the black dress.

Make-up…uncheck. This could be where things get tricky. Full nighttime make-up takes time, which I don’t have. Primers, foundation, highlighting, contouring… Let alone the three shades of eye shadow I use to make my eyes really pop?

Tonight, my make-up routine needs to be seriously simplified.

Tonight requires:

Flash Make-up for Women in a Hurry!


What is flash make-up? Well you might be more familiar with it than you think. Anytime you’re limited for time and have to do a quickie make-up job, that’s flash make-up. Here’s my advice when you need to look great, fast.

Mascara to the Rescue! Mascara has to be the most transformative make-up invented. Seriously, You can go without eye shadow if you extend and build out those lashes. It is the makeup product I cannot live without. It is absolutely essential for a simple dolled-up look. (Better yet, consider eyelash extensions which give you that mascara look all day long.)

Face powder to the rescue! Dusting your face with light face powder is enough to provide some coverage and smooth out your overall skin tone. Under eye concealer is without a doubt a must. A big, fluffy brush works best for loose powder and don’t forget to blend in your neck.

Bold red lipstick to the rescue! Mastering the perfect red shade isn’t the easiest. I discovered mine a few years ago. There seriously nothing more gratifying to me than finding that perfect shade of lipstick, especially red lipstick. To prevent “bleeding”, apply a little concealer around the border of your mouth and find a liner to outline your lips.

Not sure what make-up looks right on you? You can’t put on make-up quickly if you can’t put it on correctly. Spend the time and money to meet with a real professional like those at Montreal’s Salon Deauville. They will set you on the right path.

My friend and I had a blast that night. We even met the stars of the show at a local bar and sang around the piano until 2 a.m. And guess what? I looked dazzling until 2 am with only a minor touch-up. Win/win.



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