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Beth Mann
Beth Mann

Fall Hair Color Trends 2020 (from Creamy Blonde to Blazing Blue)

Hot hair color trends for Fall 2020 strangely sound very tasty (if that’s possible for something inedible). That’s right, from creamy blonde to blood orange to raspberry bourbon, you can almost taste the beauty!

Fall Hair Color Trends for 2020


Bold roots

Embracing roots has never been more in. (There was a time when roots were definitely not to be seen) But this Fall, we’ll see a more bolder delineation between colors – a harder line separating the two shades. A little punk perhaps but also perfect for those of us who embrace the beautiful juxtaposition of two colors.


No, not inspired by the teen vampire movie, twilighting is described by colorist Karissa Schaudt Maxine Salon (to Glamour) as:

“…twilighting adds gold dimension to brunettes with warm undertones, is one of the hottest trends for the fall. “The look is achieved by painting a few balayage pieces in addition to foiled babylights.”You’ll be seeing a lot of this look in 2020 because it’s a low-maintenance color that will carry from season to season.” Sadly there are no vampires involved in twilighting.”

Raspberry Bourbon Hair

Not just for breakfast anymore! Rasberry bourbon has to be one of the most amazing shades this season. It’s so rich and hypnotic! 

Stylist Devon Toth explained to Glamour why this color is so hot right now.

“I think raspberry bourbon hair color is so appealing because it feels like highlights for the winter. It’s an unexpected way of brightening up your hair color during a season when people typically take their hair shade a bit darker. The depth is still there, but it melts into this bright, rustic mahogany tone. It’s an evolution of the cherry hair color with an added hint of purple.”

Blue in all its blazing glory.

Pantone’s 2020 color of the year will make a wide range of appearances this season, going anywhere from denim blue to shocking, vivid blue. Years ago, blue tended to be an awkward hair color, looking washed out or too one-dimensional. Not anymore. Expect rich, diverse and maintainable blue shades.

Solid colors. 

Perhaps a backlash to the all of the blending of balayages, solid one-process colors are back (and of course, much simpler to maintain than shading). Expect richer colors this Fall, with a deep, romantic authenticity and warmth.

What about you? Where do you belong on the color spectrum? If you’re unsure, set up a consultation with us. We look at you as a whole (complexion, cut, style, style sense) and choose a color or various colors that suits you specifically.

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