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Everything you need to know about permanent hair removal

Many times we have dreamed of removing our body hair in one go. We want to have smooth legs, clear armpits and no hair, and why not? A spectacular bikini, but how do we achieve this?

Today we will talk to you about a great solution to leave aside those painful waxing and raking.

The permanent depilation method or known as laser depilation is the only one that can achieve the definitive elimination of hair and here we tell you everything you need to know if you want to do it.

What is the laser hair removal method?


Laser hair removal is one of the most sought after and popular treatments today. This method has a higher cost than common hair removal methods.

The permanent depilation  consists of a strong emission of light that is absorbed by an element without damaging the skin. The heat of the light destroys the hair and prevents it from continuing to grow.

In addition to its excellent results, this method of hair removal will help you improve the appearance of your skin, especially those areas that darkened when using the rake.

Still not sure whether to opt for permanent hair removal? We’ll introduce you to its great benefits.

Why choose laser hair removal?

Everything you need to know about permanent hair removal


Performed by professionals


You must take into account that this method of hair removal is performed by a team of experts, with knowledge and experience in the practice of this beauty service. You must make sure that the professional has the appropriate certification.

If not, the consequences can be dangerous.

Say goodbye to hair


The main benefit of permanent hair removal is that the hair is removed permanently. With the exception of razors, waxing and depilatory creams do not prevent hair from growing.

Laser hair removal removes hair from the first few sessions.

It is profitable


The cost of laser hair removal is a little higher than traditional methods, however it is much more cost effective because the results will make you never shave again and continue to overspend.



Traditional hair removal methods tend to be more painful. The process of waxing or tweezing is painful and irritating to the skin.

But, thanks to laser hair removal the discomfort will be less. Some beauty centers use laser hair removal machines that can be adjusted to your pain tolerance.

No side effects


Many times depilatory creams and waxes can cause skin irritations and allergic reactions. If you use rakes or tweezers you can suffer from cuts and also certain unruly hairs begin to grow under the skin that can cause pain.

Permanent hair removal has no side effects, is safer and will not cause irritations, on the contrary it will leave your skin smoother, softer and without discomfort. You can get advice from the experts at Salon Deauville.

Take into account the following recommendations before having a permanent hair removal.

What to do before a permanent hair removal?

Everything you need to know about permanent hair removal


Consider these recommendations before each permanent hair removal session.

Don’t expose yourself to the sun


You will not be able to receive treatment if you have sunburn or a tan. Many people choose to attend this treatment in the fall or even this winter season, so you’ll have hair-free skin next summer!

You should shave the area


You must shave the area where the laser will be placed. This is because the laser will burn the follicle from the skin to prevent it from growing.

You will also not be able to receive the hair removal if you have had a waxing process recently.

It is recommended that you shave the day before your appointment for your convenience.

You can’t extend your time in hair removal


If they agree to give you a complete laser hair removal treatment, run! It’s not the right thing to do. A permanent hair removal treatment is divided by sessions and by estimated time.

There is a certain amount of light transmitted by the laser that your body can safely absorb and it can last from 20 minutes to one hour. It will depend on the areas you are treating.

Be consistent


You must remember that your hair follicles have their own growth cycle. If you are constant you will get better results.

It is recommended that you go every four or six weeks to obtain maximum effectiveness.

Be calm! After some initial sessions you won’t notice the difference, however you will see the reduction of follicles after the first three months.

Permanent hair removal will always be the best option of all.

Permanent hair removal is contraindicated in patients who are pregnant, have skin irritations or diseases that are worsened by light such as lupus, vitiligo and porphyria.

Are you ready to say goodbye to those unwanted hairs on all areas of your body and achieve beautiful skin? Visit salondeauville.com or contact us at info@salondeauville.com for more information.


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