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elōs Plus: the new generation of laser



Welcome to the new generation of laser treatment.


Deauville Coiffure Spa maintains its position as a forerunner in beautifying treatments with its new top of the line technological addition: elos Plus.

“One of the major advantages of the elōs Plus is its sheer versatility. This multi-application platform has several capabilities allowing you to individualize treatments in patients. Having the full spectrum of facial applications at your disposal, all from one single stand-alone device, is a huge benefit.” – Vince Afsahi, dermatologist

4 types of treatments with elos Plus


Depending on your skin type, you can choose an elos Plus treatment that is right for you. Here are some more details.


Effective hair removal with elos Plus


During the last few years, we’ve seen numerous salons and spas offering hair removal treatments with varying results, some with some pretty nasty side effects. So many factors come into play, such as the quality of the laser as well as the precision and the application technique. It’s all about the right equipment.

Luckily, elos Plus is highly acclaimed and popular with numerous dermatologists and aesthetics professionals. With its IPL laser function, elos Plus is the first and only technology that combines energies to effectively and gently remove hair of varying colours and types.

elos Plus also covers a greater surface per pulse during the application. This means the same efficacy as its competitors, but in fewer sessions.

This laser also provides amazing results with all skin types and skin pigmentations. Considering Montreal’s vast ethnic diversity, Deauville Coiffure Spa has optimized its approach to allow everybody to look their best!

Suited for both men and women, the laser elos Plus is an exciting and innovating development in the treatment of hair removal. Its technology allows hair reduction while minimizing the applied light energy thus reducing the undesirable effects more commonly known with laser treatment.

Specialized facial treatments with elos Plus


The Sublime Treatment


Due to its various settings and attachments, elos Plus not only removes unsightly, unwanted hair but also delivers a skin tightening treatment to enhance the skin’s support network and firmness.

With the Sublime Treatment, elos Plus allows for a gentle and non-invasive remodeling of the face. The technology behind elos Plus combines bi-polar radio frequency and light energies that precisely heats the dermal tissue.

This process stimulates the productions of collagen within the targeted area of treatment.  The results are rapidly visible: fine lines are reduced, the facial contours are improved and the overall skin quality reveals a much smoother, more even complexion.

The Sublime is a facial treatment that is safe and effective on all skin types. It requires no downtime (perfect solution for those with busy lives).


The Sublative Treatment


Deauville Coiffure Spa also offers the Sublative Treatment  for professional skin rejuvenation and acne scar treatment. This treatment restores the skin’s youthful glow and smooths out the skin’s texture, wrinkles and fine lines–all with minimal downtime.

The fractionated bipolar radio frequency technology delivers gentle currents in the skin’s upper layers. This is the exact location for optimal delivery, geared to stimulate the skin’s internal support network of collagen and elastin. It’s this action that boosts the production of both collagen and elastin so that the skin can be restored to a more youthful appearance.

Since this technology plays on the upper layers of the dermis, the impact on the actual epidermis is minimal. The Sublative Treatment is not only very safe but the results are just amazing.

The laser SRA Treatment


Last but not least, elos Plus allows for a photo-facial skin renewal treatment: the SRA Laser Treatment. With the latest of technologies, the specialists at Montreal’s Deauville Coiffure Spa will deliver an effective and performing facial treatment.

The SRA Treatment targets age spots and skin pigmentation issues, sun damage and mild rosacea. The SRA Treatment can also tighten the skin’s pores. This procedure is painless overall (in contrast to IPL facials).

Due to the application of the radio frequency, expect a renewed glow and equilibrium to your skin. This is truly the modern way for both men and women to get a facial. Something to add to your wish list…better yet, make an appointment today.

To make a long story short? There are numerous possibilities with elos Plus; it just depends on your skin’s needs. It’s a true technological gem that Deauville Coiffure Spa provides in four different ways: the IPL laser hair removal, the SRA photo-facial, the Sublime and the Sublative Treatments.

Montreal’s best beauty “One Stop Shop” continues to impress!




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