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Beth Mann

Difference Between Pro Hair Dryers and Store Bought Hair Dryers

Hair dryers were first invented in 1888 by French hairstylist Alexandre Godefroy. It provided heat but not air at that point in history. These early blow dryers certainly weren’t handheld but similar to the dome style hair dryers you sit under at your hair salon today. In 1908, American inventor Gabriel Kazanjian used heated air flow with a fan, the basis of our current blow drying devices.

Since then, hair dryers have come a long way, right? Well, not exactly. Many of us still have older hair dryers that provide unsafe amounts of heat to hair strands, leaving them dried out over time. And unfortunately, no amount of deep conditioning can remedy that type of long-term damage.

Are Professional Hair Dryers Worth It?


If you care about the long-term health of your hair, definitely. The fact is, a high-end hair dryer saves you money over time. How? By protecting your hair, of course. Healthy hair is easier to maintain (and of course, just looks better).

New hair dryers also employ the latest technology like the use of ceramic and tourmaline. These materials distribute heat more efficiently and protect the hair better than than a basic metal heating unit. These new high-tech hair dryers also seal the hair cuticle for smoother, shinier hair.

Elchim Hair Dryers have been creating amazing hair tools since 1945. In addition to drying your hair (without overdrying it), Elchim hair dryers are light and ergonomically designed for hand comfort and ease of use.

Another top contender: Parlux. These beautifully designed hair tools including the Parlux Advance Light, is a favorite among leading salons but perfect for everyday use at home.

Both Parlux and Elchim hair dryers are made in Italy and employ the most advanced manufacturing processes and high-quality checks every step of the way.

Other reasons to buy a salon quality hair dryer?


Improved hair dryers use less energy. (Raise your hand if you’ve ever used a hair dryer and the electric went out because it taxes so much energy.) They are also designed for extensive use (they’re made for salons after all) so don’t need to be replaced as often as your drugstore-bought variety.

As the holidays approach, considering gifting (to yourself or others) a high-quality hair dryer. Stop by Salon Deauville in Montreal for hair tool guidance (including their amazing collection of Olivia Garden brushes). Don’t want to leave the house? We get it. Order from our new online shop! 


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