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Coola Suncare – For Sun Protection Year Round (You Need It!)

Don’t let the end of the summer fool you. The sun is still strong and will be for several more months. As a matter of fact, the sun can send its powerful and dangerous rays through your skin throughout every season.

It seems counterintuitive, I know. How can you get sun damage on a cool Fall day? But its not just a sunburn you need to worry about. UVB radiation causes sunburns but UVA radiation is harmful too. The rays penetrate deeply into the skin, causing photoaging and DNA damage, which can results in aggressive basal and squamous cell carcinoma skin cancers.

But if you’re anything like me, using sunscreens can have its own dangers.

According to Wellness Mama:

This new research by the EWG reveals that the chemicals commonly used in sunscreen may be endocrine disruptors, estrogenic and may interfere with thyroid and other hormone processes in the body.

The most common sunscreen chemical, oxybenzone, was found in 96% of the population by a recent study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. This is especially alarming since oxybenzone is considered an endocrine disruptor, can reduce sperm count in men and may contribute to endometriosis in women.

Ack…what’s a girl to do?

Coola Suncare to the Rescue!


Coola is a California-based skincare company that specializes in quality sun protection–no dangerous ingredients yet still advanced, state-of-the-art sun protection.

From their site: 

Our eco-conscious formulas are sourced with a Farm to Face® philosophy, ensuring that we always use the freshest, most potent natural and organic ingredients. We incorporate antioxidant-rich Plant Protection® into our sunscreens, which is a selection of plant-based ingredients including Algae and Red Raspberry Seed Oil that help naturally boost our formulas’ efficacy. This allows us to use fewer traditional—and potentially irritating—sunscreen actives. We also weed out all the stuff you don’t want on your skin or in the environment, like parabens, GMOs, and oxybenzone.

I’ve used many natural sunscreens over the years. And while I feel good about the ingredients, they often go on problematically, like spreading thick, oily paint on your skin. And if you’re not careful, you can look like a mime.

But Coola is soooo different. It really feels like a good skincare product, blending easily and leaving the skin moist without feeling sticky or tacky.

So this Fall, take your sunscreen to the next level! Don’t be fooled into thinking cool temps protect you. With all this increasing awareness, it’s time to think of year-round skin protection, don’t you think?


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