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What is botox hair treatment? Advantages you should know.

Thanks to its incredible results, Botox hair treatment has become one of the most requested salon procedures worldwide. 

Its popularity has led to multiple derivations: creams, ampoules and masks. And each one has the objective of achieving radiant and spectacular hair. In addition to enhancing its resistance and softening the cuticle from roots to ends. 

Although there are some versions of this treatment that can be done at home, remember that the expertise of professional stylists is irreplaceable. So that you know all the details, today at Salon Deauville we present everything you need to know about hair botox treatments

Let’s discover together the advantages, but first, let’s define the particularities of this treatment.

What is hair botox? 

Hair botox is a salon treatment, performed by hair care and color experts, composed of various ingredients that are focused on restoring the natural structure of the hair. At the same time, it reduces frizz, adds shine, softness and increases the manageability of the hair fiber. 


 What is the composition of botox hair treatment? 

Botox hair treatment is a mixture of ingredients that seek to strengthen the natural hair fiber. As already mentioned, it is a cocktail, composed of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, collagen and hyaluronic acid, which aims to stimulate hair regeneration. 

Something that is important to mention is that the ingredients may have some variations depending on the brand. In addition to the ingredients listed above, it is also common for its composition to contain vegetable oils, amino acids and, in some cases, keratin.

How does hair botox work? 

It is called botox precisely because of its ability to regenerate damaged hair, similar to what happens on the face with the application of the famous botulinum toxin. 

It is important to mention this, because this treatment does not contain this ingredient as such. However, it seeks to rejuvenate the appearance of the hair fiber, in the same way that botox rejuvenates the appearance of the skin. 

This is possible thanks to its ability to replenish damaged hair fibers, restoring the integrity, shine, softness and luminosity of natural hair. In addition to the renewed effect of Hair Botox, it fulfills the function of cleansing any residue of previous chemical treatments, and then moisturizes in depth. 

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How is this treatment applied? 

How is this treatment applied

The procedure is relatively simple. Your stylist will apply the hair botox after shampooing with a neutral shampoo. 

As this is a highly moisturizing hair mask type treatment, your stylist will most likely put on a cap. This way, the heat generated inside will be able to enhance the effect of the products used. 

After that, the treatment is left to act for an estimated 20 minutes, and after rinsing and drying the hair, the treatment is sealed with a hair straightener. 


Hair Botox for curly hair

For curly hair, a Botox hair treatment will help define and style curls. It will give each fiber a more natural, nourished and shiny fall. 

In addition to the above, the reduction in frizz will be evident. However, you should keep in mind that the duration of the effect will be between one and two months. Since it is not a permanent treatment, you should periodically visit your favorite salon to have it done.

Hair Botox vs keratin

Now, what is the difference between hair botox and keratin? The main difference between the two lies in their composition: while keratin has a component called formaldehyde, which can eventually alter the structure of the hair, hair botox is free of it. 

Similarly, the purposes of the two treatments can expect different results. On the one hand, keratin is focused on reducing frizz, reducing static and frizz. Most of the time, they are exclusively intended to straighten hair. 

On the other hand, hair botox is mainly indicated in cases where the hair has lost shine, nutrition and softness. 

However, both treatments are temporary and must be repeated from time to time. 

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Main advantages of botox hair treatment 

Main advantages

We have already talked about some of the advantages of this procedure on the hair. Specifically, the advantages of hair botox are: 

  1. Extreme nourishment and hydration 
  2. Unparalleled softness in the hair fibers. 
  3. Ingredients of natural origin
  4. Does not contain formaldehyde 
  5. Reduces frizz in straight and curly hair 
  6. Healthier appearance and structure 
  7. Sealed and pin-free ends

Duration and aftercare 

The duration of the capillary botox lasts for approximately one month. With proper care it could last up to two months. It is best to have it done every three months. 

After the salon procedure, ask your stylist for enough information to take care of your treatment at home. Some of our tips are: 

  • Wash your hair at least 48 hours after the procedure.
  • To prolong the results, sometimes substitute conventional shampooing for dry shampooing. 
  • For traditional shampooing, use a shampoo free of sulfates or other chemical agents.
  • Choose moisturizing products, such as Moroccanoil brand products
  • Reduce the direct application of heat: hair dryer, flat iron, curling iron 
  • Apply hair masks, but remember to do it wisely! We don’t want to overload the hair. 
  • Choose pillowcases made of hair-friendly fabrics such as silk or microfiber.

Can hair be colored after a Botox hair treatment?

The answer is yes. However, for this to be effective, it is best to give the hair a minimum of two weeks without any chemical treatment. This will avoid a premature disappearance of the results obtained. 


Meet at Salon Deauville the amazing Botox Hair Straightener

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