Botox Hair Treatment - Before and After

Botox Hair Treatment In Montreal


Let’s face it: our hair goes through a lot of wear and tear. Over the years, this can mean frizzy, fried and unruly hair that just doesn’t look as soft and supple as it used to. Older looking hair, basically.

Botox Hair Treatment to the Rescue!


We’re proud to offer this new and groundbreaking beautification product. Stop by for a visit at Deauville Coiffure Spa for our Hair Botox from De Fabulous; it could be the answer to your winter hair woes (or summer hair blues).

The Hair BTX (the name of De Fabulous’ line of hair botox treatment) boosts hydration, transforms the hair follicle and scalp and extends the life of hair and extensions. Consider it a high-end treatment that fortifies and revives limp, lifeless, frizzy hair–a fountain of youth for your strands! 


Hair Botox is not a Keratin Treatment


Hair BTX is not to be confused with other treatments like a hair relaxer or a keratin treatment. Hair relaxers break and re-bond the molecular structure of each follicle’s core. Hair botox operates completely differently. It is a reparative system that contains no formaldehyde or perm solution. It’s geared to naturally smoothing hair, leaving it extra beautiful and manageable.

If you enjoy straightening your hair, this treatment is also a perfect fit for you! You’ll achieve better looking results with greater ease and also make your daily style last much longer.

What Happens during a Hair Botox?


The treatment is done in our Montreal salon and takes about 2 hours. The product penetrates deep into the core and deposits cysteine protein, natural oils and fruit acids. These elements combined strengthen the hair from the inside out. Each strand is smoothed, hydrated and sealed making the hair shiny, manageable and very soft.

“I’ve got botox treatment today and oh wow, my hair feels and looks amazing! Highly recommend it! Especially for dry, bleached hair. Love the result.”

Once the treatment is completed, we ensure lasting results with complementary sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. De Fabulous offers a line of hair care products that complement your Hair Botox salon treatment.

Along with their hair repair shampoo and conditioner, De Fabulous also have an ultra-performing hair repair treatment that reconstructs and strengthens extremely damaged and fragile hair.

They say the best secrets are found in nature. De Fabulous offers top-of-the-line quality products with only the best, purest ingredients: olive fruit extract, wheat-amino acid proteins, sweet almond extract, avocado oil and acai berry oil as well as aloe vera and jojoba, among others.

De Fabulous certainly seems to have grasped the importance of replenishing and rebuilding the hair naturally. They’ve successfully managed to give us the latest in hair care technology. Their smoothing BTX hair treatment is made from botanical ingredients and will please the hair product savvy as well as those who prefer product without added chemicals. A must-try!


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