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Botox for the Summer – Short Term Fix for Dreaded Summer Frizz

Every season has its hair pitfalls. Static electricity can wreak havoc on hair in the winter. (Dry winter hair can be a real drag too.)

But perhaps there is nothing worse than:

??? ??????? ?????? ?????!!!


You can run but you can not hide! If you don’t follow a few basic tips to control frizzy summer hair, your hairstyle could be rendered useless. Because face it, there’s nothing attractive about frizzy hair.

A few basic tips to tame the frizz:

Don’t shampoo every day. The natural oils on your hair naturally tame frizz.

Hair masks are your best friend. Sometimes daily conditioners just don’t cut it. Try a heavier duty hair conditioning treatment that you leave on for a while so your strands can heal from the inside out.

Comb and brush gently. So many people go to town when detangling. Damage is done even though you don’t see it at the time. Comb and brush gently and never yank at tangles.

Towel gently too. Another nasty habit for many of us? The scrubbing motion we do when drying our hair with a towel. Start from the top and gently pat down to the ends.

and if all else falls…


Botox hair treatment is your best friend. 


Botox hair treatment is the perfect seasonal fix for summertime frizz, adding a deeper level of shininess and silkiness that keeps you looking smooth all season long. And unlike its smoothing counterpart, the keratin treatment, it is safe. (More than safe, it can actually be good for your hair.)

The name of this amazing hair straightening process (Botox) is confusing since most think of skin treatments when we hear Botox. But this is a whole other animal. Consider hair botox a rejuvenating hair process that reduces the damaged look of over-processed or naturally frizzy hair.

Botox hair treatments heal frizzy hair from the inside out.


Botox hair treatments can reverse years worth of damage to the hair by infusing keratin protein and natural collagen to the strands. This seals and heals the strands of the hair, providing an overall super shiny, smooth look.

but I have curly hair!


Not to worry, women of curly locks! Botox treatments work wonders for naturally curls, creating softer and smoother curls for longer periods of time (up to four months).

Botox hair treatments in Montreal.


Are you considering a Botox hair straightening treatment in Montreal? Salon Deauville is one of the top-rated salons in the city. Our stylists are pros on Botox hair treatments, which are very popular this summer. We also have an extensive online store that carries amazing conditioners and supporting haircare products for your aftercare.

Contact us for a consultation. Let’s keep you looking smooth this summer!









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