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Beauty Advice BEFORE your Wedding Day

The Big Day is nearing! The pressure is rising but you’re managing it like a professional. That’s because you’re smart and planned everything well in advance, including your beautification plan. You did your research and worked with your friendly local salon who provided just the right guidance.

You might also stumble across this blog where we’ll share with you a few important tips.

How to Prepare for your Wedding – Beauty Tips

Bridal Hair & Makeup trials. Once you have selected the Salon, you should be calling and getting all the information you need. At Salon Deauville, they ask if you have a specific hairstylist and makeup artist in mind. They do this because they have a whole group of artists who specialize in bridal looks. If you don’t know which artist is best for you, then your next step should be to visit their social media pages to see some of the artists’ work. From there it is strongly suggested to schedule a hair and makeup trial. This is important because it gives the artists time to meet you and together discuss what look you are going for. It also helps in committing to a certain look.

Facials. When it comes to facials, experts state you may need more time than you think, up to 6 months in advance (the general consensus). Why so far out? Your skin needs time to adjust to facial treatments. (You certainly don’t want an unexpected break-out on your wedding day.) Skincare is a process, not a final destination. Give your skin time to adjust and look its best over some time.

Of course, treating your skin may take some time, but if you’re looking for something that will plump your skin and leave you with a nice glow, oxygen facials would be your go-to. If you’re seriously pressed for time, consider this type of facial at least 2-3 days before your big day. It will give your skin a little time to rest and recuperate…and look amazing.

Nails. Unlike facials, your fingernails need to be freshly manicured before your wedding. No, not the day of, but a day or two beforehand. Even the best manicures can wear and tear over time. And considering the days leading up to your wedding will be busy (to say the least), you’ll be putting your nails to the test.

When it comes to choosing the type of manicure, personal preference prevails. Some love the simplicity of a French manicure while others opt for the industrial durability of a gel manicure. Whatever you choose, don’t forget the condition of your hands, which will do a lot of hand-shaking and touching. Well-moisturized hands send a loving message to all those you touch!

On-location or in-studio hair & makeup? Again, whether to get your hair and makeup done in a salon (verses on-location, such as a home or hotel) is largely personal. Both have benefits and drawbacks.

Getting your bridal hair and makeup completed in your favorite salon means your artists can work in an environment where he/she excels, with easy access to the equipment needed, optimal lighting, etc.

The drawback of getting your wedding hairdo done in-studio? Time. Your hair looks amazing when you leave the salon but hours go by before you get to the finish line. This means humidity, travel, etc. will have its effects.

Getting your hair and makeup done on location means ease (of course). You’re spared an extra “thing to do” and can relax into the day’s preparations a bit more. You also have a fresh look, less susceptible to time and environment.

Whether on-location or in-studio service, the most important thing to keep in mind is the Salon’s reputation. You want to be sure that they are reliable.

Lesson learned?

Preparation for your Big Day is critical. Some steps require more preparation than others. One things for sure: you want to do as much as possible in advance. It’s never too soon to book. The days leading up to your wedding can be the most stressful, so prepare and beautify as much as possible beforehand. It is your wedding day, after all. You want to enjoy it, with your “look” being a distant second to your love.



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