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Balayage in Montreal – Where is the Best Hair Salon for Ombre?

Balayage is a French word that sounds as pretty as it looks. It means “to paint or sweep.”

Think of a sunset, for instance. There isn’t a hard line that differentiates between one color and the other. Instead, the colors bleed beautifully into one another.

Or think of a child’s head of hair. There is a layering–a gradient blend–of sun-kissed colors created from seasons of outdoor play.

What Kind of Balayage in Montreal is Best for You?


First, let’s define balayage as it relates to hair color. Hair balayage is a hand-painting technique that your hair colorist employs, using several shades to create a dimensional look to your hair. Your colorist has a chance to exhibit his/her artistry when creating a balayage look, blending and coloring in unique ways (more than a single process color, for example).

Now, here are different kinds of balayage:


Ombre is French for “shade” or “shadow.” Expect a more dramatic look, where the two opposing hair tones are more radically different. Generally, ombre hair color showcases darker hair at the top and lighter on the bottom. But any combination is possible, such as blonde, brown or red…even pink or purple. The sky’s the limit!

Beach waves balayage

This is the epitome of a sexy hair look. Combine the multi-dimension balayage with soft, loose curls and you have that just-off-the-beach and ready for fun look. A large barreled curling iron is commonly used, wrapping large sections of the hair away from the face. Add hair extensions for more volume and drama.

Blonde balayage

One of the best parts of the blonde balayage look? You can wait a while to get a touch-up. The darker roots grow in and the blonde at the bottom continues to add a whole other layer or dimension. Because blonde hair has so many subtle shades, you can really blur the line with a blonde balayage, blending in a manner much less noticeable than other colors.

Sun-kissed balayage

Sun-kissed balayage is intended to look as natural as possible, as if you spent several weeks on a tropical island, swimming and sunning. Highlights are gentler and warmer, meant to blend more than say, a dramatic ombre.

Chocolate balayage

If you could taste this hair color, it would be as yummy as melted chocolate (but don’t taste hair color…yuck). Chocolate brown falls somewhere between  Level 4 and Level 5  with red undertones. This is also an easier hair color for many brunettes since a few barely-there highlights create the look you want.

Natural balayage

Similar to sun-kissed balayage, natural balayage displays, well…a natural look, like highlights were created in your hair because of surf, sun and fun. Like others, it’s also easy to maintain because it grows out so naturally and beautifully.

Brown balayage 

This kind of balayage is characterized by more natural-looking, softer highlights, gently played out against a dark brown base. A good, brown balayage creates subtle yet beautiful movement and dimension. Perfect for Fall and Winter.

Where do I get the Best Balayage in Montreal?

Salon Deauville prides itself on its exceptional colorist team. Each one adores using their creative skills to create true balayage works of art. Our colorists take the time to find out which balayage is right for you (and your face and hair type. See video below). Perhaps you want a high drama balayage (like ombre) or you want something more subdued that requires less maintenance (like a sun-kissed balayage for the summer). There are so many possibilities, all of them blended and beautiful!

What products do I use to maintain my balayage? 


A great balayage deserves even better products. We carry a wide range of hair care products but particularly like Davines or Kerastase to maintain your color in the most healthful and gentle manner possible.

Okay, you won me over. How do I schedule a balayage color at Salon Deauville in Montreal?


It’s as easy as a summer day! Book online or contact us via email. First we’ll talk and decide together what balayage is right for you. Then we’ll move forward.

Balayage is all of the rage this summer. Don’t suffer from FOMO. Give it a try. We guarantee, there’s a balayage that’s right for you!

Want to learn more about balayage? This video does an excellent job of breaking down this trendy hair color, looking at specifics like face shape, eye size, cheekbone placement and more. (There’s a real art to balayage, that’s for sure.)



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