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Back facial: 8 benefits that you should know

What is a back facial? It certainly does not sound logical at first glance. The reason for this name is that the skin on the face involves special treatments that can also be applied to the skin on the back. At Salon Deauville we explain how it works.

The spa always seeks to offer holistic treatments for the body that include both healing of affected areas and relaxation. Over the years, estheticians have been renewing themselves and offering new packages for their clients.

One of the newest packages, and the one we are going to talk about today, is back facials. A back spa treatment that offers something never seen before.

Usually, when it comes to the back, beauty centers only offer therapeutic massages. The back facial, on the other hand, is a treatment designed for the skin of the back.

Want to show off one of those beautiful blouses or dresses with a great back cleavage, but can’t because acne or other skin imperfections won’t let you? You need a back facial!

Here are 8 benefits of a back facial and the best facials in Montreal.

1. A deep cleansing facial on your back


When you think of your back and skin imperfections, what tend to be the most common problems? Simple: damage from excessive tanning and acne.

Unlike any other part of your body, the skin on your back is the one area you can’t treat yourself. You’ll need a second hand, and that hand better know what it’s doing.

A back facial deep cleans pores, removes excess oil and at the same time offers hydration. An ideal after-sun treatment for rebuilding the skin.

You may be wondering where to find a deep cleansing facial near me: Salon Deauville offers the best treatment you will find in Montreal.

2. Skin extractions


When acne strikes, it usually appears on two parts of the body in particular: the face and the back. Why, what do these two areas of the skin have in common? What they have in common are the sebaceous glands.

Then, when the body is affected by some of the causes of acne, such as hormonal problems or poor diet, these glands produce excess oil and this results in acne and blackheads.

A back facial extraction takes care of removing this excess sebum and prevents skin imperfections from developing any further.

If you are looking for facial extraction near me, Salon Deauville is the best choice for this type of treatment in Montreal.

3. Eliminates impurities


The most important thing is that this professional treatment gets rid of impurities in a deeper way, no matter how much damage we cause with our routine. Not only dead cell residues are removed, but also dirt and blackheads.

The back is very exposed to all kinds of pollutants that the skin absorbs in large quantities. In addition, professional cleansing counteracts bacterial proliferation, precisely because the skin is free to breathe.

4. Exfoliating process


Back exfoliation is particularly recommended for all those with oily skin.

In addition to smoothing the skin, improving its appearance and promoting the absorption of sebum-controlling ingredients, it also frees oily skin from cells and keeps it clean.

If you are looking for a facial near me, be sure to read the points below.

5. Hydration



If you are a veteran reader of our articles, you will already be tired of hearing that our skin’s best friend is water, but that’s true!

Proper hydration is a good habit that directly affects the health and condition of our skin. A well-hydrated skin is healthier, more luminous and less prone to aging.

It is also possible to hydrate ourselves from the outside, taking care of our skin with some fundamental active ingredients, especially during times when it could be more dehydrated, such as when we spend long periods exposed to the sun.

In case we’ve piqued your intrigue for skin hydration products, be sure to take a look at our Deauville product line.

6. Steaming


As in a facial, the moist heat dilutes the sebum and facilitates its subsequent removal. However, some users have not taken well to this part of the treatment.

But, always with the client’s well-being and satisfaction in mind, in recent years, cosmetic companies have developed acid systems, such as salicylic and pyruvic, which replace steaming and allow the same effect to be obtained.

At this point in the article, chances are you’re already looking forward to a facial, right? Don’t worry, if you’re looking for a facial near me, just click here to book an appointment with the best facial in Montreal.

7. Mask



In a facial, the mask is the essential step to soothe and rebalance the epidermis after the heat and extraction treatment.

In addition, the mask ensures optimal absorption of the active ingredients used during the treatment. At the end of the treatment, specific products are applied to meet the client’s skin needs.

You may be wondering how the “mask” works on the back. The procedure is the same, only instead of a mask, a tarp is used.

8. Everything that a facial entail… but on the back.


Let’s think, what are facials? Facials are all those procedures that are applied with the intention of improving the facial skin.

As we have just seen, this involves acne treatment, removing blackheads, treating wrinkles, and everything we mentioned above.

And is it done the same way, with steam machines to open the pores, with masks, with creams? The dermis of the back is a little thicker than that of the face.

But yes, all the treatments of a facial are applied on the back, with more steam, a tarp instead of a mask and with special creams for a thicker dermis.

Our skin is our letter of introduction to the world, to all those with whom we want to make a good impression. Taking care of our skin with a proper beauty routine is the best thing we can do.

Not only that, but also to prevent and delay the effects of aging, and always be in order and care.

Now that you know what a back facial is and know its amazing benefits, it’s time to look for the best facial treatment in Montreal.

If you are wondering where is a back facial near me, Salon Deauville is the answer you are looking for.

The team of highly skilled, dedicated professionals at Salon Deauville share Claudia’s vision of excellence -the founder of Salon-.

Their number one goal: making sure each client’s beauty is both celebrated and highlighted. As a family, they work together to attend to your every need in a beautiful décor, and soothing environment.


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