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Beth Mann
Beth Mann

Are you Putting your Best Face Forward? (Reasons to Schedule a Facial Today!)

You’ve undoubtedly heard the expression “put your best face forward” but probably didn’t take it literally. At Salon Deauville, we believe your best face is one that may be hiding out a little. That’s right: underneath those dead skin cells, old make-up and sun damage is a more beautiful face, waiting to emerge.

Now, maybe you think of facials as an indulgence–something to be done on special occasions like your birthday or that all too infrequent “me day.” At our Montreal salon, we remind you that a facial is more of a necessity than you might think. (Seriously…it’s your skin after all! It deserves love, care and more ongoing maintenance.)

Why Do I Need a Facial?


Oh yes, that age old question. Well, where do we begin…okay, from the top then:

You get to know your skin better. You can look in a magnified mirror until you’re blue in the face. You’re still not a professional aesthetician who can examine your skin and give you a more detailed and through analysis of what routines and products work best for your particular skin type.

Really deep cleaning. We know; you think because you use the occasional toner, your skin is really clean…but its not facial-level clean.  A facial goes beyond the surface stuff and gets deep, really cleaning your pores and leaving you with a refreshed and renewed complexion.

Anti-aging effects. Sure your latest moisturizer may guarantee all sorts of anti-aging effects but a facial lives up to the promise by physically removing old skin cells and encouraging cell turnover as well as naturally boosting collagen.

Stress relief. Seriously, when was the last time someone caressed your face in a loving and therapeutic manner? (If you have, kudos for you, lucky girl) but most of us could stand more active, ongoing nurturing in our lives. Why? Because it’s good for the mind, body and soul!

And don’t forget: stress is often held in our face and jaws. A facial removes that tension when you furrow your brow or make that frown (the one you make without knowing it). Simply put: a more relaxed face means a younger looking face.

Don’t have time for a facial, you say? We could argue that you should make the time (because what matters more than a monthly session of deep relaxation and beautification?) but we also offer abbreviated facials for those on-the-go.

Our Facial Express is only 45 minutes long (the length of an average lunch hour) and our Flash Beauty “Just Before the party!” treatment is a perfect way to save time before a big event (since we take care of your face for you). 

Our Classic Facial is a perennial favorite and includes elements you’d expect from any spa-level skin treatment, including a consultation, cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, masks and of course, a luxurious face and neck massage.

It doesn’t end there. Check out our menu of facial options.






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