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French and American manicure: all the differences

Hands are that part of the body that helps us all the time to perform our activities satisfactorily: using our telephone, writing, eating, etc. They practically serve us for everything! This means that our hands deserve proper care.

That’s why a good manicure is a must in your beauty routine. What could be better than smooth skin and beautiful, well-cared-for nails? The alternatives are practically endless. However, a very common doubt may arise here: is an American manicure or a French manicure better?

Both are good options and their result, despite having different processes, is quite similar. The resulting style has gained a lot of prestige in recent years thanks to its simplicity and elegance. And if that wasn’t enough, both types of manicure are extremely easy to do. Do you want to know more about it?

Then continue reading carefully: Salon Deauville, Montreal’s most prestigious beauty care salon, tells you all about the differences between the French/American manicure and the reasons for its popularity. As experts in manicure and pedicure services, we have a lot to say.

Don’t miss this informative opportunity and dare to renew the look of your nails! Let’s get started!

What are the French and American manicure?

Both the American manicure and the French manicure result in a style considered by many as natural, because it imitates the real color of the nails, adding defined white tips. It is very subtle: it is based on white, pastel colors and skin tones. In short, something that characterizes a lot of these styles is neutrality and practicality.

However, even though they both have almost the same finish and use almost the same materials, the application process is different. The ideal if you don’t like bright or flashy colors!

But, let’s not extend any further. Let’s go straight to the differences between these types of manicure:

1. American manicure

As we already said, its application is very simple. The first step of the American manicure is the application of a white nail polish as a base coat and then another layer of neutral color.

This neutral color depends a lot on the skin tone of the person to whom it is applied. Generally, it is always a derivative of beige. Then apply another coat of white only for the tips of the nails and, finally, a coat of clear nail polish. And that’s it! You get as a result nails with a natural decoration and very well protected.

2. French manicure

And… what is the difference between French and American manicure nails? As already explained, the result is practically the same and there is practically no discernible difference at first glance. With the exception of the process: the order of application.

In this case, a base coat of nail polish in a neutral color is applied to the nails first. As with the American manicure, this is usually one similar to the person’s skin tone, but with more pink tones.

Subsequently, the tips of each of the nails are painted with white polish. Due to this last variation, the result of the French manicure nails can be a lighter shade at the tips, but very little noticeable when compared to the American manicure. After drying, a clear coat of nail polish is also applied as a final step.

3. Variations

Simple, isn’t it? Both types of manicure, with their differences included, carry a quick process with simple, yet effective results. As you can see, in any case, these nail treatments provide elegance and a beautifully manicured look to your hands.

In addition, over the years, some variations have emerged that combine light touches of pink or red to the pink or beige base. It is also possible to opt for acrylic nails already styled as natural French tip nails or American manicure, the result is simply divine!

Are you liking the information provided so far? We invite you to visit our blog, where you will find more information and tips just as interesting. Likewise, if you want to do your own manicure, we offer you the products of our store. The best in Montreal and all Quebec!

What is the reason for the popularity of the French and American manicure?

Let’s not complicate things: both the French and the American manicure have become very popular thanks to their simplicity and elegance. At Salon Deauville, more and more people are visiting us and requesting these particular styles. Are there any reasons other than those already mentioned why this style is so beloved? We have considered a few and present them here and now:

1. It does not require a lot of effort


Unlike the Russian, Italian and decorative manicure, these cosmetic nail treatments are really easy to achieve. You don’t need to invest hours of work on your nails to polish, paint or decorate them. Of course you don’t. This manicure only requires you to polish your nails and clean them thoroughly.

In addition to the above, the painting job is not strenuous, you already know that!

2. Natural finish


The fact that the results of the French and American manicure are not pompous or flashy makes them unique. True, there are many styles that are just as popular, but many people prefer something simple.

3. Suitable for any occasion

In addition to the ease and naturalness of this style, French and American manicures are popular for their versatility. They practically go with everything! Yes: you can wear it with your casual outfit, as well as with the most elegant dress you can think of.

4. You save money

Compared to other manicures that require several colored nail polishes and decorative accessories, these two alternatives are more affordable. It’s no secret that saving money is never a bad idea. And if it’s about saving money by taking care of your hands, so much the better!

5 Never goes out of style

They say that many classics are here to stay. It is often true: it happens with music, literature, television, and so on. Curiously, both types of manicure are one of these cases, surely for all the reasons that have already been exposed: being a work with excellent results, effective, straightforward and without the need for great resources.

Get an American or French manicure at Salon Deauville!

Now that you know the reasons why the American manicure as well as the French manicure are so popular and their differences, what are you waiting for to show off this fantastic style and make your nails look fabulous without much effort!

You can do it at home or with the help of professionals. Salon Deauville is at your disposal! Our beauty experts will provide you with the best manicure service at incredible prices. Reduce the time you spend taking care of your nails and show off your new style.

At our salon, you will get gorgeous nails that will stand out wherever you go. but that’s not all! At Deauville Salon we have a wide variety of care and beauty services to pamper you. You can schedule an appointment right now.

We offer everything from hair coloring, to eyelash extensions, spa, waxing, men’s barbering, makeup, to facials and massages! You can also find select beauty products in our amazing online store.

For special occasions and special people, we offer you our amazing promotions and gift cards. If you want more information about us, you can contact us by clicking on the button on the top bar of the site.

Don’t forget to follow us on our social media to keep up to date with our services and beauty tips! Don’t wait any longer and make an appointment with us! The best beauty and care salon in all of Montreal is waiting for you! We also invite you to visit our fashion boutique: Deauville Boutique.

Come and enjoy the full Deauville Salon experience! You will find us at 4048 Jean Talon Ouest, Montreal, Quebec H4P 1V5.


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