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Beth Mann
Beth Mann

Alo Yoga Clothes – From Studio to Streetwear

I have a love/hate relationship with my yoga clothes. I love the complete comfort, of course. (Who doesn’t like wearing a version of pajamas out in public?) But I’m not a big fan of the look. It’s so…unflattering. Seriously! You might as well wear a sign on your back that reads: “Not caring today.”

So I patiently waited for the fashion winds to change, for a clothing company to design yoga outfits that looked (dare I say) fashionable and comfortable. Then Alo came along and changed everything. Suddenly, yoga clothes that seamlessly bridged the gap from yoga class to the rest of your day.

Alo’s mission statement says it all:

Creating garments that carry over to the street, into a life lived consciously, takes mindful movement one step further: a beautiful life celebrated with forward design. Capturing what’s trending in contemporary fashion with both the women’s and men’s collections is how Alo and mindful movement can travel beyond the studio. Luxury meets performance in every collection.

“Garments that carry over to the street…” Exactly. No more of that almost-sleepwear-I-don’t-care-look but an actual fashionable statement!

A quick aside: I think I actually became better at yoga wearing Alo…I swear! Maybe because I felt more confident in my outfit or maybe because their clothing fits in this figure-shaping way that makes you feel your body definition better.

Yesterday, I was getting my hair done at Salon Deauville and sipping on a smoothie at their adorable in-studio bistro. As I eyed the latest Alo on their shelves, I was particularly impressed by the evolution of their collections. This is not a “one look” yoga wear company but instead offer a palate of choices, based on different types of personalities and styles.

I gave two thumbs up (to no one in particular) when I saw their Ripped Collection. Distinctive urban appeal, perfect for a yoga class but really, these sassy leggings would pair nicely with my leather jacket and a Montreal Happy Hour if necessary.

It’s a new era for women’s fashion. We’ve been working out for a long time now. The more we become comfortable in our bodies, the more we insist on clothes that mirror our strength…but this time, without sacrificing style.






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