5 hair color trends balayage to know

In many countries balayage hair color trends are changing rapidly, and Canada is no exception! When this happens, selecting a color becomes a difficult task. We all want to look good and be sure to choose the right hair color trend.

That’s why, at Salon Deauville, hair professionals, we show you 5 balayage hair color trends you need to know if you want to change your look this year. Let’s get started!

1- Brown balayage


Brown balayage is the most popular hair color trend among women looking for a new natural look. This type of balayage on brown hair is perfect to combine with light and discreet colors, which will highlight any type of skin tone. 

Dark brown balayage

Dark brown balayage is perfect for a discreet look. With this style you will get strength and dimension to your hair. It doesn’t require a lot of bleaching and you will always get a special addition of color to your locks.

Chocolate Brown balayage 

In any salon, they will always recommend this balayage style on dark brown hair. Not only will it reinforce your natural color, but it will add a dramatic shine. This trend is perfect for people with dark skin tone.

Caramel Brown balayage

Among the brown balayage trends appreciated by people with brown skin, we have the caramel brown balayage. This style suits any season; however, it is most popular in fall, winter and summer. If you want to bring a radiant glow to your brown hair, this trend is for you.

2- Balayage blonde

Another balayage hair color trend that should be on this list is balayage blonde. Lighter shades are always in the color catalog of beauty salons. 

Balayage blonde is the perfect style to highlight your youth and personality. Even if this trend is more recognized among people with lighter skin tones, it doesn’t mean that it won’t look good on people with darker skin tones. All you have to do is ask your hairdresser to advise you on the selection of a suitable balayage blonde.  

Compared to other balayage styles, this one requires extra care in order not to lose the vitality of your hair, for that reason it is important to get a good stylist for the job; if you don’t know why, you can find out more here.

3- Ash balayage

Continuing with the color trends, we have the ash balayage. This style gives a drastic change to the hair color, as the coloring goes down at the ends becoming lighter and lighter. This is an ideal solution if you want to opt for cool shades. 

If you are looking for a balayage for dark hair, the ash color is perfect for a sexy and daring look. Don’t worry if your hair is short or long, you will always look beautiful.

Blonde ash balayage

Another alternative to consider for this type of hair color is the blonde ash balayage. Unlike the previous one, this one has more coverage in discoloration. It is perfect for giving volume to waves on short hair; however, it is also ideal for straight hair. 

4- Rose gold balayage

Rose gold balayage is another option to consider. This shade has been very eye-catching for years because of its creative blending and color results. With this style you will achieve resplendent hair. As long as you are in the hands of professionals. This look will be perfect to mix with fresh makeup and pink undertones. 

5- Red balayage

Also among the color trends for balayage hair are bold and eye-catching colors. If you want a balayage for dark hair this style will fascinate you.

The balayage red contains that sparkling hue for your look. Of course there are different shades of red, ranging from the strongest to subtle colors. Among its varieties are:

Hints of copper

You probably don’t want to go for a deep shade of red for your makeover. A balayage red with hints of copper is perfect for people who want a more golden look. It will also bring out the natural beauty of your face. 

Eggplant shades

Another great balayage alternative for dark hair is adding shades of eggplant. The combination of dark roots with a reddish-violet gradient creates a strong look, which gives volume to the hair waves.

Orange shade

The orange shade is ideal for a balayage on brown hair. This style will give you an autumnal and summery look. You can also combine it with other colors for a radical change in your look. 

Although this type of balayage is popular among fair-skinned people, dark-skinned people can also experience it. Just ask an expert salon to tell you which shades are perfect for you.

Get your balayage with the professionals of Salon Deauville


Now that we’ve shown you the balayage hair color trends and their derivative shades, what are you waiting for to make your look change this year? At Salon Deauville, we are experts in hair care and color. Our team of professional hairdressers and colorists offers you an unimaginable experience.

The best salon in Montreal has a wide range of services such as facial and body care, makeup services, waxing and hair removal, massage, barber shop, among others, that you can learn about by visiting our website. You can contact us or visit us at 4048 Jean Talon Ouest, Montreal, Quebec H4P 1V5 during our available hours.

You can also visit our online store here  if you are looking for products to take proper care of bleached hair. Follow us on social media and don’t miss out on promotions. 

Always at the forefront of trends, Salon Deauville prides itself on being an industry leader and innovating to serve a multi-generational clientele looking for the best beauty services in town.


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