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? 2019 Spring Nail Color Trends ?

If you’re anything like me, you choose winter and spring nail colors fairly predictably. In the winter, I go for dark, dramatic shades (burgundy, black, crimson red). Once the weather starts warming, I move over to creamy pastel colors (pinks, light blues, lilac purples).

But who wants to get stuck in a color rut year after year? Not me. I need trendy, fun nail colors that force me to shake things up a little! So what’s hot and what’s not?

2019 Nail Color Trends Range from Traditional to the Unusual to the Just Plain Fun




Wear multiple shades for a real party on your fingertips. 


Now…what colors to choose for your Spring 2019 multi-color mani/pedi?

Daffodil Yellow. What is it about the color yellow that just doesn’t seem like it would look good on our fingertips? Luckily Daffodil Yellow is festive and adds a splash of warm Spring sunshine to your fingertips.

Ashy Green. Okay, I admit…this color took a little to get used to. It’s appears as a grey with just a hint of forest green. Ashy Green really comes to life when its paired with a bright fun color. (Think of a grey room with yellow and orange pillows; the grey serves as a perfect backdrop.)

Spicy Coral. Oh wow…this color is seriously fun! I put it on and feel the need to grab my sandals and fly down to Cancun just to show off my latest mani/pedi. A new take on coral (which can have a bad reputation as a color. Mainly because of my mom’s horrible coral lipstick ; )

Metallic Lavender. This color has “hip” written all over it. Perfect for the city dweller, this nail color has the prettiness of cool lavender with just the right amount of metallic urban action to heighten the overall look.

Pale Baby Blue. This nail color has been popular on and off throughout the years and it’s easy to see why: it simply screams Springtime! This Easter egg shade is just so attractive and seasonally spot-on.

Milky Lavender. It looks just like it sounds, still capturing that Spring feeling but in a muted and adaptable way. This nail color also pairs nicely with other colors, like Pale Baby Blue.

The best part with buying trendy Spring nail colors? You don’t have to buy multiple outfits to give yourself a whole new season look. Nail colors add that seasonal splash that brightens up your entire look quickly and easily.

So there you go…2019 spring at your fingertips! (Thanks for this font color, Milky Lavender.)

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